The Lotus Hair Brush is the best hair detangler for all types of hair extensions. It features mixed natural bristles and nylon to help maintain your hair extensions from root to tip. Furthermore, the resistant and environment friendly wooden design does not produce any static,  preventing your hair from getting frizzy!  No more pulling or tugging, brushing your extensions and hair just became much more ease with our Lotus Hair brush :)

Product details 

- Mixed Natural and Nylon Bristles
- Natural Wooden Design
- Sustainable Packaging

Some benefits of natural bristles and nylon:

- Perfect for every hair type;
- Soft and effective brushing without pain, pulling or breaking the hair;
- Mixed bristles with different levels of flexibility, with no balls at the tip, which allow an easy and quick untangling;
- The natural bristles promote shiny hair;
- It helps to spread evenly the natural oils and bunches, picked up and absorbed in their natural bristles, as well as dust residues;
- Excellent for Hair Extensions;
- Reduces the effect of static electricity;
- Ideal for hair with low capillary density and cases of alopecia.

For better results:
We recommend gently applying our brush to dry hair or prior to washing hair. To prevent excessive pulling or tugging of hair extensions, use one hand to safely secure the bond at the root or attachment site while carefully detangling matted hair. For optimal results, brush hair extensions in sections in a downward motion.

We offer: 
- Free delivery from 50€ on purchases to Spain and Portugal.
- 24/72 hours delivery to all European Union Countries.
- 30-day return policy, as long as the hair is returned to us in it's original condition.
- 100% Human Remy Hair that lasts 6-9+ months, depending on the care.