Invisible Fit Lace

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Color: Highlights Paris

Size: 16"

Weight: 25gr

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The most innovative extensions method!

You have never tried anything like this extensions method before! The latest innovation in hair extensions, this method has most imperceptible and natural result! The Invisible Fit Lace is made with the tape-in hair method but covered by grafted lace hair, which makes a perfect and continuum match with a thin and malleable finish. It is designed to mimic hair growing from the scalp, since the hair is hand sewn directly into the Fit itself, giving the illusion that the extensions are growing straight from your scalp. No Fit can be seen where the extensions is attached, blending perfectly into your own hair, and resulting in a seamless and extra natural look!

The Invisible Fit Lace Extensions is made with doble drawn hair, giving besides of a very imperceptible result as well a tick and full hair look from top to bottom! We highly recommend it for those who have thin and/or fragile hair, especially for bleached hair. 

With a time medium application of 30 minutes and an average of 3 times reapplication, the Invisible Fit Lace measure on average 12 inches (ear to ear), but can easily personalised cutting it in different sizes adapting better in your head and giving an even more confortable and natural result!

Used and loved by the most exigent hairdressers,  we are sure you will adore it as well! Conquer length and volume in moments with Invisible Fit Lace! 

Hair Characteristics:
Hair Extension Method: Invisible Fit Lace
Hair Style: Slightly Wavy

Hair Pack Weight: 25 grams made with 1 pre-taped fit with an average of 12 inches.

Invisible Fit Lace final result and pieces in details:

You need: 
1 - 4 packets for hair light thickening. 
5 - 6 packets for a full head hair extension for thin hair.

IMPORTANT: If you have or would like to have really thick voluminous hair, we highly recommend you to mix this method with the Classic Fit Extensions. You can combine for example 3 packs of Invisible Fit Lace Extensions + 2 packs of Classic Fit Extensions (total of 175gr of hair and 7 pieces of extensions). Another mix with even more quantity would be 4 packs of Invisible Fit Lace Extensions + 2 packs of Classic Fit Extensions (total of 200gr of hair and 8 pieces of extensions). Your hairdresser would apply the sandwich with the Classic Fit Extensions bellow and the Invisible Fit Lace Extensions in the top (where it is more visible), so like that you would have a very natural look with lots of volumen and in a more budget but amazing final result :)
 Click here to check the Classic Fit Extensions and combine both methods!

*Before you ask :) -  The difference between this product and the Invisible Fit is in the finishing and the end: first, the Invisible Fit has a sewn hair finishing, and the Invisible Fit Lace has a injectable hair finishing, which results in a product that is  more malleable and thinner and with a more imperceptible and confortable natural look; second, The Invisible Fit is made with single drawn hair and the Invisible Fit Lace is made with doble drawn hair, giving the last one a ticker and fuller hair in each piece. 

**The Invisible Fit Lace can take up to 48 hours to be prepared and then shipped (that means it can take 4 to 5 business days to deliver it instead of 2-3 business day). 

This is your moment! Enjoy your gorgeous new hair!

We offer: 

  • Free delivery from 90€ on purchases to Spain and Portugal.
  • 24/72 hours delivery to all European Union Countries.
  • 15 days return policy, as long as the hair is returned to us in it's original condition.
  • 100% Human Remy Hair that lasts 6-9+ months, depending on the care. 
Daily Care of your new hair:
  • You can straighten, curl and style your extensions however you desire! Don't forget to apply Lotus Hair Europe Thermal Protector before exposing your new hair to any kind of hairstyle tools so you can keep it healthy and protected from the heat.
  • Brush and de-tangle your hair often – at least once in the morning and once in the evening (on days you use it).
  • Always braid your hair before working out or playing sports.
  • Sun, wind, seawater and chlorinated water can damage your hair. Use Lotus Hair Europe Hair Mask Total Repair at least twice a week to keep your hair soft,  hydrated and protected from external effects. 
  • Always de-tangle your hair before you shower and never sleep with wet hair.
  • Use Lotus Hair Europe Gold Argan Serum in wet or dry hair to protect and control frizzy hair and to keep it shiny.