Characteristics: Lotus Hair Europe Tape is used to replace the original tape of your Tape Extensions. The tape is dull finish and is able to provide a strong hold. It is odorless and bacteria resistant. It lifts easily, minimizing damage to delicate lace systems. 

Holds: It usually lasts 6 weeks but it can last up to 8, depending on the temperature, humidity, and your natural body oils. 

Size Straight Strip:

-Tape 6 yards: 1.00 cm x 5.4 meters 


Tape Remover

Caracteristics: Remover with a safe mild ingredient, specifically designed for a easy removal of lace wig glue and toupee tape. It can easily dissolve hair glue and the adhesive bond of the toupee tape. It is easy to use and clean, it is suitable for different tapes and has a instant bonding glue remover, completely fast finish. 

Volume: 100ml