10 essential hair tools you need in your stock

10 essential hair tools you need in your stock


Regardless if you like try different hairstyles or not, there are essential tools to keep your hair flawless and make your life easier by saving time that you would spend in beauty salons. Here is a list of the 10 essential hair tools for you!!


1. Hair dryer 

The hair dryer is a practical and essential tool to protect your wet hair from exposure to the cold in the winter, as well as saving time to leave your hair styled and arranged. Ideally, a dryer that has the blast cool option, as the low temperature air helps to set the hair and control frizz.


2. Straightener

The straightener is a key tool to experience tons of amazing looks - you can produce ultra-smooth hair to beach waves from the middle of the hair or even spike out. It is a multi-use tool!


3. Curling iron

The curling iron makes it much easier to fix straight hair, defining the curl. They are ideal for getting waves of different styles. There are even rotating tongs, which do all the waving work for you.


4. Hair brush

A good brush is the solution to achieve any hairstyle!

For unruly hair, oval-shaped brushes are ideal; for coloring or hairstyles, the ideal is to use fine-tipped combs, which separate the strands in perfect lines; For fine, easy-to-tangle manes, the ideal is combs with wide and separate bristles; etc.

It is worth remembering that natural bristle brushes help stimulate circulation and shine of the hair..


5. Thermal hair brush

The thermal brush is an addition to your hair tools, as it facilitates the achievement of a more controlled and elegant finish. The flatter thermal brushes will help you achieve a more natural straight, and the cylindrical ones to outline subtle waves.


6. Clips and pins

Pins and clips are perfect for holding your hair while you style it, and even for fixing the styles you may want to create. 


7. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are hair elastics covered by fabric, guaranteeing that the hair is not damaged. They serve not only to hold your hair while you are brushing it or doing a hairstyle; they can also be an extremely useful, practical and stylish accessory to make part of your look. On our blog, we suggest 10 ideas de looks con scrunchies para chicas modernas


8. Brushes and bowls for dyes

These products are perfect for when you want to touch up your hair color at home or experience a new color for yourself. They also facilitate the application of natural masks. In this case, there are complete kits for this treatment, with a meter, mixer, among other tools. Sometimes they even come with the shower cap that enhances the action of the mask.


9. Accessories

Decorative hair accessories are not totally essential tools, since they are a plus. However, they can be very useful to leave your most interesting casual looks in moments. Here, we give you some accessory tips, which will leave you shining in your casual looks.


10. Hair cutting scissors

It may sound strange to have a professional haircut scissors in your basic tools. But the idea is not that you do a whole new haircut (although, if you wish, it is at your own discretion to try), but that it is a very useful tool to fix small details of your hair with quality - for example, remove some ends. highlights or enhance details in the skinny. 


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