What is the hairband extension: all your questions answered

What is the hairband extension: all your questions answered


There is no need to be ashamed of not knowing what the hairband extension is and how it works. Lotus Hair Europe® takes care of answering all your questions.



What is the hairband extension?

The hairband extension is a non-fixed method of applying hair - therefore, it can be quickly put on and removed by yourself, without the need of professional help. Instead of sewing or gluing the manes of the extensions to your hair, you can gently feel a mane of hair on your head, held by a firm, fine and totally transparent nylon thread. 



What is it made of?

The hairband extension is made with quality 100% Remy hair, just as all other Lotus Hair Europe® extensions. It comes with a very fine nylon thread sewn to the hair band. 


How much hair is in the hairband extension?

Lotus Hair Europe® offers 2 weights of hairband extensions: 150 gr and 200 gr. The package also includes 1 tail comb, 1 clamp, 2 nylon threads, 28 cm each (only one is needed for the application that is already attached to the product, the other must be kept as an extra), and 2 integral clips (which are upside down to be joined more easily after the extension has been placed).


Does hairband extensions treats hair badly?

No. Just like all the not fixed hair extension (not permanent), the hairband extension is an absolutely harmless way to add instant length and volume to your natural hair.



How does the hairband extension remain attached to the hair, without the risk of them falling out?

There are two clips attached to the invisible thread (one on each side), so the extension can be further attached to your hair for added security. After applying the extension, the weight of your hair on top will also help keep it in place. You can flap your hair back and forth without worrying about the extensions falling out.


Can I use the hairband extension if I have short hair?

If you have short hair, we do not recommend the hairband extensions as they will not blend perfectly. Instead, we recommend that you go for our Clip extensions, or even the adhesive and keratin options, which are more permanent.



How long does it take to apply the hairband extension?

Just one minute! You can easily and rapidly apply it yourself. There is only 1 weft to apply in just a few steps, as shown below (Instrunctions).


Can I dye or bleach my hairband extension?

Yes. As they are made with human 100% Remy hair. The best is to ask for a professional hair colorist to colour or tone them. However, the thread cannot be bleached or lightened. Make sure to avoid dyeing the nylon wire as it shall remain transparent. 


Is there a risk of hair falling out of the hairband extension?

All of our extensions will experience little or no sag throughout their life. When unpacking the extensions, you may experience some shedding. However, after a quick brushing, the shedding should lessen. Make sure to brush your hair extensions during the day periodically with a loop extensions brush to keep hair loss at bay.




How to apply and remove the hairband extension:



As with clip extensions, hairband extensions last up to a year or more, depending on how they are used and cared. Be sure to brush the extensions with a loop extensions brush to avoid snagging the cord, wash the extensions as little as possible, and use proper hydration and hygiene products to ensure they last as long as possible.


Recommended hair cosmetics

Like clip-in hair extensions, be sure to use only alcohol-free and sulfate-free hair products, or hair products specially formulated for hair extensions to prevent hair from drying out.


Extra care

Since the weft of the extension has a nylon wire, be sure to wash and fix the extensions separately, and at a maximum temperature of 180°C before use. Avoid applying heat to the nylon wire, as it can melt. 


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