10 hairstyles with scrunchies for modern girls

10 hairstyles with scrunchies for modern girls


Websites, magazines, trending lists - everyone says the scrunchie is back, but has it ever left?



Parading down catwalks around the world, appearing in haute couture photo shoots, being worn by different models, influencers and even actors like Jason Momoa, the resurgence of the scrunchie in the trend-obsessed world has left its mark.



For us who used them as little girls, we can now wear them like grown women and we have more options than ever - from satin to corduroy, sequins and scarves, hair ties are as versatile as they are functional.

Scrunchies also cause much less damage to the hair than normal hair ties - since they are made of fabric, they pull and catch less on the hair strands. That is the reason why many women find them more comfortable.

Besides being comfortable, they add a lot of style to any look. More than a high pony or messy bun, it is possible to create different hairstyles with them. Here are 10 ideas of looks with the wonderful scrunchies. 


1 - High ponytail

The high ponytail is retro and modern all rolled into one.

Easily create this casual look with a messy ponytail or dress up the scrunchie with the right outfit. For a more work-friendly look, style and straighten your hair in the scrunchie for a sleeker, cleaner look, perfect for a day at the office.


2 - Half high pony

The half pony is another retro chic look. It can be worn high and tight or messy and loose.

This look is also great for incorporating hair extensions for added length and volume. But the great thing about scrunchies is that they work well for long or short hair.


3 - Half low pony

The low half pony is a very practical and cute option, which works well in the case of events that you have little time to get ready - an emergency Zoom call, for example!


4 - Side braid

This is a simple look and perfect for a casual day. To achieve this, gently pull your hair to the side and create a loose braid, secure it with your favorite scrunchy.


5 - Multi scrunchies low pony

In this hairstyle you can give a practical upgrade to the low ponytail for girls with long hair. This is a great way to use your collection of scrunchies.

To do this, tie several elastics along your ponytail or braid. 


6 - Bubble pony with multi scrunchies

For a bubble ponytail style, lightly pull each section to the sides so the hair between the rubber bands spreads out for a fuller look. To create thicker bubbles, use hair extensions.


7 - Bun with accessories

Accessories and hats are a trend. Incorporating them into your look with a scrunchie will leave you shining and super stylish!


8 - Scrunchie tie

Whether more formal or with fun prints, the scrunchie tie or scrunchie scarf style can be used for pigtails, buns and braids. It is very elegant!


9 - Pigtail

The pigtail look is super jovial and fun to wear on a day-to-day basis. To do this, divide your hair into two sections (half up and half down). Once you have the top half, divide it into two sections and tie each with a scrunchie. 


10 - Giant scrunchie

Why wear a regular scrunchie for all your looks when you can swap it out for a giant scrunchie? Your ponytail, bun or braid will be cute, elegant and eye-catching with a super-scrunchie.



With options so varied, that they do not stop here, we can conclude that scrunchies are more than typical hair bands - they have the versatility and style to match your look, no matter what type you want to create!


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