3 last minute date night hairstyles

3 last minute date night hairstyles


So do you scheduled a last-minute romantic meeting, and would like to impress but are in a lack of ideas for a quick and nice hairstyle?

Don't worry! For any last minute romantic meet idea, we've got covered with three quick and pretty hairstyles that will elevate your date experience:


1. Baby face framing braids

It seems 2020 brought us trendy hairstyles to play around with baby braids. The face framing hairstyle works with all hair types and can be accessorized to create more drama in your look.


How to achieve

STEP 1 -  Section your hair down the middle to create a line in the middle.

STEP 2 - Section 1” pieces of hair on both sides at the front of your center part.

STEP 3 - Braid each side and attach with a thin elastic band.


2. Bouncy Ponytail

Ponytails are always a quick, simple, and really cute option. If you would like to keep a modern and playful hairstyle, the bouncy pony might be the one for you. It brings full attention to your face. Also, if you are planning on wearing bold earrings or a statement necklace, it will help enhance your look. Remember: a ponytail extension will add volume to your hairstyle, and make your look stand out.


How to achieve

STEP 1 - Grab all your hair and gather it at the height you want to wear your ponytail at.

STEP 2 - Comb out any bumps to ensure a sleek look.

STEP 3 - Secure the ponytail with a thick elastic band. Add the ponytail extension at this point, for an extra pony pop.


3. Voluminous curls with a side of accessories

This elegant, classic, and romantic hairstyle is the perfect accompaniment for a date night. We bet it will never get out of style! All you need to create this look is a curler, some hairspray to set it in place and a few of our favorite accessories to give this classic hairstyle a trendy appeal.


How to achieve

STEP 1 - Brush all your hair out to ensure there are no knots and apply a heat protectan - we suggest to use our thermal protector.

STEP 2 - Curly sections of your hair away from your face with a curlier to make it look more voluminous.

STEP 3 - Pull the hair to one side to your liking. Spray it and clip some shiny pins.



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