10 effortless messy bun hairstyles

10 effortless messy bun hairstyles


Messy buns are cute and always a good option when we are on rush - in these moments, all we need is a presentably cute effortless hair look. Here we come up with 10 messy bun ideas to look good effortlessly in a minute! 


1. Face framing bun

The face-framing waves contour the cheekbones. The cushiony messy bun is a great option for sweater weather days. For extra volume, a clip or hairband extension can recreate this look.


2. The pineapple bun

Pin up your bun o the top of your head... leave some strands on the sides of your face. This look is perfect for girls with curly hair on-the go. 


3. The bold bun 

It is not always needed to play in the safe place - a bold bun look is perfect for those who want to look different, setting a hairstyle as a piece of art. 


4. The half up bun

A half up messy bun looks amazing on ladies with locks, but it also looks stunning with wavy, curly and straight hairstyles.


5. The highlight bun

If you have highlighted or balayage hair, a messy bun is the perfect way to showcase the nuances of your hair tones. 


6. The pigtail bun

Don't stay only if one messy bun.. there is simple no impediment to use two messy buns, if you want so. And it is not difficult to achieve it - you can use just one hair tie and a few french hairpins.


7. The bang bun

A messy bun with bangs give us retro 1960's chic vibes. 


8. The baby hair bun

Baby hair are so cute, and get better with a messy bun and some accesories.


9. The low pony bun

On days when you can’t decide if you want to sport a messy bun or a ponytail, why not choose both? Just slide your hair into a messy bun, and there you go!


10. The cascading bun


This option vary from hair to hair. It is ideal for curly ones, since the goal is to set a cascading messy bun.


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