All your questions about hair extensions answered!

All your questions about hair extensions answered!

You can run to the salon NOW! We tell you bellow how it is posible to put extensions even if your hair is very thin or fragile!

YES, it is possible to put extensions on any type of hair, as long as the ideal method for it is chosen and applied by a professional specialised in extensions!  AND NO, the application will not cause damage to your hair, your hair will not stop growing and you nobody will be able to see ANYTHING!  When properly applied, and in the correct method, quantity, length and colors, the extensions create an incredible and super natural look (the only problem is that you will never want to stop using them hehehe).
Bellow we answered our costumer's 10 biggest worries about using hair extensions so you can also feel confortable and confidente to try a new look:

1. Will it really look natural? 

BIG YES! When following the steps that we described above, you can be 100% sure that REALLY no one will notice that you are using extensions (sometimes even you will forget)! That is why we have lots of tutorials as well to help you choose the best hair extensions for you, and in case this is not enough, you can always contact us by email or social media so we can help you find the best combination for your hair!

2. Is my own hair going to suffer? 

If you choose the right method for it, and applied in a specialised hairdresser your hair will be just fine (but prettier with your new look)! For example, for thin and frágil hair we recommend tape or fit extensions, if applied in micro capsules of keratin, the keratin extensions will be a good choice as well. If your hair is normal thick or thick, keratin or weft extensions will be a good match! 

3. Will it take too much time to take care of my extensions? 

It will not take you super long to take care of your hair extensions, but if you want them to last as long as they can looking healthy, we recommend you to spend a feel more minutes in your daily hair routine. And the reason is white simple: the hair extension does not receive the same nutrition from your scalp as your hair, so it does need an extra care to be as beautiful as it can be! A little more time in you daily care routine such as applying 2 times per week a hair mask, using a heat protection when styling your hair and using a hair serum will compensate already this lack of nutrition of the hair extensions (and will also be good for your own hair as well)! 

4. Does the application hearts?

We have very modern methods that you can not even feel that you putting hair extensions! We highly recommend tape, fit or keratin extensions for a completely painless application (you wont feel a thing during the application and also after it). Besides that, contrary to what some people might think, the extensions don´t really feel heavy in you hair, cause the way that those methods are put guarantee a very light and almost imperceptible result! 

5. Will I be forever in the hairdresser to apply it?

BIG NO! Again, you just need to choose the right method for you! Some type of extensions such as keratin or weft can take between 2 or 3 hours to be applied, but if you decide for Fit or Tape extensions for example, you can be out of your hairdresser chair between 30 and 60 minutes! Remember tough that the hair extensions maintenance will always take a little longer (since you need to take it out the hair and apply it again), but nothing that will take you a full day!

6. Will I have too often to the hair salon make the hair maintenance? 

This also depends in the type of extensions that you will choose. The extensions with the widest maintenance are the keratin and weft extensions, which last between 8 and 14 weeks after applied. After this period you need to go to your hair salon so your hairdresser can take them out and you put them back up! 

7. Can I style them (like make them straight, curly etc)? 

Yes you can, cause our Extensions are made with 100% Remy Human Hair,  which means that they are similar to your own hair, so you can style it as you wish! Although, never forget to use a heat protection before you expose your hair extensions to any heating tools so you can can protect them from the heat damage. 

8. Is it possible to bleach them? 

We have lots of different colors of hair extensions, but in case you did not find your exactly tone, you can also change the color of our extensions!  And again, you can do that because our extensions are totally made with human hair, so like your own hair, it is possible to make it lighter or darker to adapt to your hair color.  Our only advice is: make sure to do this in a color profesional to reach the expected results! 

9. Can I have a normal life with them? Like go to the pool, make a ponytail etc? 

Yes yes yes! You can continue following your own routine even with a BEAUTIFUL mermaid hair! The trick here is to choose the best type of hair extensions to your routine! For example, if you go too often to the pool or to the gym (and consequently make lots of ponytails) the best extensions for you are the Keratin Extensions.

10. How often would I have to buy some new extensions? What is the extension lifespan?

You can apply our hair extensions 3 or 4 times. This means that besides what some people might think you wont spend a fortune every month buying extensions! After applied you can just reuse the same extensions in the maintenance process (which is made usually between 2-3 months). To sum up, your extensions will last healthy from 6 months plus, depending as well in your daily hair care routine.  

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