Free Online Consultation

You can always email us to have a hair extension consultation completely free of charge. We’ll help you to choose colour, length, quantity and method! 
Take the picture in natural daylight with your hair down, and follow these tips to get a great photo: 
  • The photo cannot be too dark or too light
  • The photo needs to be taken without a filter
  • The photo needs to be taken within close range
  • The photo needs to be in focus

Send your picture(s) to and we’ll help you!

We’ll look at what you’re aiming for (please send some inspo pics) and create an ideal look for you with our extensions! You’ll receive advice on the best method for your hair, together with care instructions.
The ideal email for us should have:
- A picture with your hair down taken from behind (gather it in the back)
- What you are looking for with your change of look, for example
- Why you want hair extensions and the duration (if you just want to have extra hair for parties or if you are looking for something to use everyday).
- If you’re after thickness or length or bot
- Your hair type
- And your expectations of the hair extensions!

Send an e-mail to and we'll make sure you get hair extensions that are perfect for you!